Walk Live Westchester!


The Walk 15 Program is designed for individuals interested in walking for health and fitness or maintaining a healthy weight.

Low impact aerobic walk classes are conducted using the indoor walking techniques established and proven through the many years of success of Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home programs. This way of walking for health and fitness or weight loss allows participants to walk miles indoors or outside in a group setting.

Each class features:

ü      Everything you need for total fitness!

ü      Walking is your brisk exercise (cardio, aerobics)

ü      Walk Boosters add firming (strength training, toning)

ü      Stretch Exercises promote flexibility and range of motion health

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Equipment and Materials    

You may choose to use optional Walk Boosters such as flexible firm bands or light hand weights. Firm bands will be provided by the instructor for your use during the class. You may also choose to purchase your own Walk Boosters from the instructor if desired.

Wear light comfortable clothing, socks that fit correctly and don’t bunch up, and a good pair of walking or fitness shoes.

Bring water to drink before, during and after the walk, and a towel to remove perspiration!

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To learn how indoor Work Walks can benefit your company or employer, visit the Walk at Work! page. 

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