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Want to help your employees be more effective?

Our indoor Work Walk Classes are the perfect tool to accomplish this goal. It is a fitness program that virtually anyone can do.

4 Basic Steps, in an Easy-to-Learn format. "You can't do it wrong!"

People of all fitness levels feel successful right away.

Music Speed & Pace is designed to improve health and promote calorie burning.

Unique "Steps to Miles" system converts the walk to 1, 2, 3 or more miles without leaving the room.

A 2 mile walk can be conducted from start to finish (warm up through cool down) in approximately 35 minutes. An optional healthy snack or meal may be provided afterward and still allow the program to complete within an hour.

How do companies benefit from exercise?

Taking an exercise break during the workday reduces stress and makes people more productive by delivering oxygen to the brain. 

    • Improved Worker Health Lowers Health Care Costs
    • Reduced Absenteeism
    • Higher Productivity
    • Reduced Use of Health Care Benefits
    • Reduced Disability / Workers Compensation
    • Increased Morale and Loyalty
    • Reduced Lifestyle Risks
What are the bottom line opportunities?
    • Higher Net Income per Employee
    • Higher Company Market Value
    • Higher Returns to Stockholders

What is the #1 self-selected form of exercise?


Your employees can bring their favorite form of exercise indoor and WALK all year long!

Our WALK class is a MULTI-MUSCLE WALK and MORE than a stroll around the block or parking lot. We put ALL MUSCLES in MOTION. The arms, core and legs are all engaged for MAXIMUM MUSCLE ACTIVATION!

What could be safer than walking?

No fancy footwork means less chance for injury.

Where do Work Walks occur?

Indoor Work Walks can be held in a large conference room, a cafeteria, a large break-room or an atrium -- anywhere employees can gather. The typical space allocation is 5 X 8 square feet per person.

Can we evaluate this program?

We welcome the opportunity to provide trial walks. To request a free demo, please contact us! Our phone number is (914) 329-9590.

Join the Work Walks movement...because Walking Works!

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